Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Please don't ask me who, who you think I am.

                                                        Auf der Zugfahrt von Berlin zurück nach Leipzig.
                                                         Sonne im Gesicht und zufällig dieses Lied.
Please don't ask me where, where you think I've been. I've been a lot of places but this could be my win. Meet me at the corner where I'll, tell me what to do. [...] Proceeding into the forest, I will lay around and wait. And I'll wait for you. And I turn, I turn my head when I thought I saw a sign from the gods. A sign from the gods that you were meant to be mine, and it's fine. Taking it all for a ride til the day when it's gone. I mystified my way, it all went wrong when it's gone. I live and I learn and I lose and I win, but it's better whenever. Whenever I'm here, thank you girl for everywhere that I've been. [Red Hot Chili Peppers - Meet me at the corner]

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