Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

Wort des Jahres 2010: Wutbürger.

So take me under the floorboards.
I would love to feel like wood.
Take me back to the retards,
cause the world just make me sick.
There are colors in the air when I fall to the ground.
How we´d love to fall more often.
I can sense a world of heartache.
So take my hands love there´s a burst inside our minds.
Feel my hands love cause I´m numb from the neck down.
And there is fire love on the balcony right here.
I can see our bodies burn but sense no fear.
                                                                        The Rumour Said Fire - The Balcony 

This is a song for anyone.
With a broken heart.
This is a song for anyone.
Who can't get out of bed.
I'll do anything.
To be happy.
Oh cause blue skies are calling.
But I know that it's hard.
This is the last song.
That I write.
While still in love with you.
Noah And The Whale - Blue Skies

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